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 Airshows and events

--------------- Year 2018 ---------------
21.07.2018  Adaži Air Show 2018
09.06.2018  Finnish Air Force "Midnight Hawks" solo performance at Estonian Aviation Days 2018
09.06.2018  Saab AJS 37 Viggen performance at Estonian Aviation Days 2018
09.06.2018  Estonian Aviation Days (Eesti lennupäevad) 2018 at Aviation Museum in Tartu
29.05.2018  Boeing 747 of Dubai Air Wing at Tallinn due to the Crown Prince of Dubai visit to Estonia
27.05.2018  Two Boeing 747 of Wamos Air visited Tallinn for night parking
19.05.2018  Airbus A340-200 of French Air Force visited Tallinn
12.01.2018  Japanese prime minister visits Tallinn with two Boeing 747 of Japan Air Self-Defense Force

--------------- Year 2017 ---------------
22.08.2017  Airbus A340-300 of German Air Force at Tallinn due to German president visit to Estonia
29.07.2017  Aircrafts related to the US vice president Mike Pence visit to Estonia
04.07.2017  First visit of Airbus A340-500 to Tallinn
01.07.2017  First visit of "Qatar Airways" Airbus A320 to Tallinn
03.06.2017  Estonian Aviation Days (Eesti lennupäevad) 2017 at Aviation Museum in Tartu
30.04.2017  Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-200 in retro livery
27.02.2017  New additions to the Nordica fleet
23.02.2017  First visit of Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Tallinn

--------------- Year 2016 ---------------
13.12.2016  First visit of "Air Baltic" newest Bombardier CS300 to Tallinn
02.09.2016  AirPower16 airshow
04.06.2016  Estonian Aviation Days (Eesti lennupäevad) 2016 at Aviation Museum in Tartu
--.---.2016  Photos from Riga Aviation Museum
27.04.2016  Two Boeing MH-47G Chinook of US Army at Tallinn
27.03.2016  Arrival of the first "Nordica" ("Nordic Aviation") aircraft in the new original colors
21.01.2016  The first own aircraft of "Nordic Aviation"
08.01.2016  Lockheed P-3C Orion of German Navy at Tallinn

--------------- Year 2015 ---------------
08.08.2015  Pullmantur Cruises turnarounds at Tallinn airport in 2015
05.07.2015  International Maritime Defence Show 2015 at Saint Petersburg, Russia
27.06.2015  Rapla Fly-In (Rapla lennupiknik) 2015 at Rapla airfield
22.06.2015  US Secretary of Defense visit to Estonia
06.06.2015  Estonian Aviation Days (Eesti lennupäevad) 2015 at Aviation Museum in Tartu

--------------- Year 2014 ---------------
12.09.2014  Belgian Air Force Days 2014 at Kleine Brogel Air Base
23.08.2014  Aircrafts related to the US president Barack Obama visit to Estonia
21.08.2014  First visit of "Japan Airlines" Boeing 777-200 to Tallinn
12.08.2014  First visit of the newest Airbus A350 to Helsinki
20.07.2014  95th Anniversary of Estonian Air Force at Ämari Air Base
23.06.2014  "Red Arrows" performance on Victory Day over Tallinn bay
24.05.2014  Estonian Aviation Days (Eesti lennupäevad) 2014 at Aviation Museum in Tartu

--------------- Year 2013 ---------------
09.10.2013  First visit of "Finnair" Airbus A340-300 to Tallinn due to Finnair, Estravel and Aurinkomatkat anniversaries
11.01.2013  Photos from Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York

--------------- Year 2004 ---------------
29.05.2004  Tallinn Airshow 2004

--------------- Year 1996 ---------------
08/09.1996  Photos of two out of three Antonov An-124 "Ruslan" that simultaneously visited Tallinn